Riverside Court is a unique gated community of 212 three-story luxury homes in Secaucus on a bend in the Hackensack River just minutes from Midtown Manhattan. The 15.2-acre Riverside Court site is just north of Route 3, immediately off the Meadowlands Parkway exit, and within view of the turnpike overpass.

The complex was contructed by Baker Residential from 2004 to 2007. It features a riverside pool and cabana, with a river walk along the Hackensack river. There is a public boat ramp nearby, and you can take canoe and kayak tours of the river and the Meadowlands marshes.

The exterior of the attached three-story town house buildings is modeled after classic 19th-century brownstones, with bay windows, arched entryways, Juliet balconies and French doors.

The Meadowlands sports complex, with Giants Stadium and the Izod Center, is just across the Hackensack River. Work has begun on open acres around the arena to build American Dream, a major entertainment-retail-office complex that could enliven the entire Meadowlands area economically.

Community Announcements
Children Playing in the Street
From Community Management, Posted 10-23-2020
It has been brought to management's attention that children are playing in the streets. While streets are a common area for children to play and gather in, it has become a safety issue in the community. Residents are having problems getting to their driveway because the children do not yield to the motor vehicle in the road. This action stresses the driver as well as putting the child(ren) in harm's way. Accidents are inevitable with non-moving objects blocking the road.

Please take the time to reinforce, to your children, the need to yield to a vehicle in the road. It is a safety concern for both the vehicle driver and the children playing in the street.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Suspension of Wildlife Trapping
From Community Management, Posted 10-15-2020
As many of you are aware, Riverside Court has issues with skunks, raccoons and other wildlife. The pest control company has been humanely trapping and relocating the wildlife, caught in the traps, to a more appropriate habitat.

It has come to management's attention that some residents are releasing the trapped animals and disposing of the traps in the river. Due to this counterproductive behavior, Riverside Court will be suspending all trapping services.
Skunk Control
From Community Management, Posted 10-06-2020
I have been made aware that skunk sightings are on the rise and this is clearly causing unrest amongst our residents. Please note, we have engaged a professional pest control company to enact a comprehensive trapping program throughout the Riverside Court Community. This process will take some time and the results may not be immediate, so please bear with us. I thank you for your continued diligence and expected patience during this process.
Construction Parking Rules Revisited
From Community Management, Posted 09-28-2020
Please be reminded that parking along Riverside Drive as well as all "construction designated" parking on Mallard Place and Osprey Court is for the use of residents who's units are currently under construction and have scaffolding erected. If scaffolding has been removed from your building, you are again free to park in your garage or driveway. If this notification pertains to you, please be sure to cease parking along Riverside Drive prior to Monday, September 28, 2020.

We need to be sure that residents affected by this phase of construction have suitable, safe parking in legally marked spaces. As such, any vehicle illegally parked along Riverside Drive as well as all "construction designated" parking on Mallard Place and Osprey Court will be towed immediately at the vehicle owner's expense.
Fireworks and Grills
From Community Management, Posted 09-16-2020
This is a reminder that fireworks and portable grills are not allowed in the community. These both represent potential fire hazards.

As per N.J.A.C. Law, portable grills using propane or charcoal are not permitted for use or storage. Please also note the Association does not permit the setting off of fireworks in any common area.

Thank you for for your anticipated cooperation,
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