Riverside Court is a unique gated community of 212 three-story luxury homes in Secaucus on a bend in the Hackensack River just minutes from Midtown Manhattan. The 15.2-acre Riverside Court site is just north of Route 3, immediately off the Meadowlands Parkway exit, and within view of the turnpike overpass.

The complex was contructed by Baker Residential from 2004 to 2007. It features a riverside pool and cabana, with a river walk along the Hackensack river. There is a public boat ramp nearby, and you can take canoe and kayak tours of the river and the Meadowlands marshes.

The exterior of the attached three-story town house buildings is modeled after classic 19th-century brownstones, with bay windows, arched entryways, Juliet balconies and French doors.

The Meadowlands sports complex, with Giants Stadium and the Izod Center, is just across the Hackensack River. Work has begun on open acres around the arena to build American Dream, a major entertainment-retail-office complex that could enliven the entire Meadowlands area economically.

Community Announcements
Riverside Court Open Meeting
From Community Management, Posted 12-04-2021
Please be advised there will be an open meeting of the Board of Directors December 15th @ 7pm. This meeting will be held via the ZOOM Meeting Platform. The agenda will be provided approximately 2-days prior to the meeting date. We will see you there!
Garbage Collection and Disposal Reminder
From Community Management, Posted 12-01-2021
Preparing sanitation and recyclables for pick-up on the designated collection days is a chore that everyone doesn't necessarily cherish. In the same respect, it is no fun when sanitation workers find that some residents are failing to comply with simple guidelines concerning garbage collections. Certain residents are not reacting to this voluntary request for compliance. As a result, the Association finds it necessary to take the following action. A resident will receive a mailed Violation Notice warning that failure to comply will result in a fine of $100.00 for each offense.
  • Receptacles and lids must have your address clearly marked on it.
  • Garbage cannot be thrown loose into the receptacles but must be placed in sealed plastic bags.
  • Garbage must be sufficiently drained and wrapped and/or placed in plastic bags BEFORE it is deposited in the receptacles.
  • Do NOT put trash out in bags or loose to blow around the community. ALL TRASH MUST BE IN A CONTAINER.
  • Receptacles must NOT be placed at curbside BEFORE 6:00 pm THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED PICKUP DAY.

Home improvements and renovations result in construction and demolition debris that the Town is not equipped to handle. Furthermore, it is cost prohibitive to taxpayers. Residents who undertake renovations must dispose of this material by bringing it to an approved facility. In the case of minor home repairs, the Town will collect at curbside not more than three (3) tied bundles not exceeding four feet in length, or debris contained in not more than two (2) plastic or metal 32 gallon garbage receptacles (the weight cannot be more than 50 lbs.). Contact the Town's Trash & Recycling Coordinator at (201) 330-2080 if you need more information.

Mixed paper, which includes just about all types of paper, such as newspaper, magazines, junk mail, stationery, copy paper, food/cereal boxes, computer paper, phone books and cardboard are picked up every week. They should be placed in a paper bag, cardboard box or tied up (bundles should be no higher than 12 inches and tied with sting or twine only). DO NOT put mixed paper out in plastic bags.

If your garbage is collected on Monday/Thursday, your recycling collection is Thursday. If your garbage is collected on Tuesday/Friday, your recycling collection is Tuesday.

Co-mingled means mixing aluminum beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, acceptable plastic containers and household food cans in one reusable container and putting it out at the curbside for collection in clearly marked recycling buckets. Materials that should be included are:

glass food and beverage containers only (no other types of glass such as Pyrex, mirrors, window panes or light bulbs); aluminum beverage vans, household metal food cans (including pet food cans); plastic containers (such as soda bottles, milk and water jugs and household laundry detergent bottles) with the recycling symbol "1" or "2" on the bottom. No plastic containers or items of any other kind (such as yogurt or margarine containers, motor oil and antifreeze bottles) should be included.

DO NOT include chemical, aerosol, oil or paint cans DO NOT put co-mingled recyclables out in plastic bags.

White goods include refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, furnaces, stoves, ranges, hot water heaters, air conditioners, trash compactors and dishwashers. A pickup may be scheduled by calling the DPW at 330-2080. BULK RUBBISH Bulk rubbish includes large items such as furniture and waste from construction, remodeling, repair and demolition operations, ONLY when the homeowners do their own renovations (NO CONTRACTORS). For a fee, homeowners can rent a roll-off container. Call the DPW at 330-2080 to schedule a pickup of demolition debris or to rent a container. Condominium and garden apartment dwellers should speak with their management company or superintendent for recycling locations.  

Leaves are collected every Wednesday from September 1 through December 31. They should be bagged and placed at curbside on Tuesday evenings.

Tree parts are collected every Wednesday. A pickup maybe scheduled by calling the DPW at (201) 330-2080.

Christmas trees (with all ornaments, tinsel, etc. removed) are collected from January 1 through January 31. Please place them at curbside on your regular garbage day. Please put your materials at curbside by 6:00 AM on your collection day.

Containers are available for used motor oil, spent oil filters and antifreeze at the new DPW compound located at 370 Secaucus Road. Residents may recycle at this location 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Residents who wish to purchase a compost bin or need an additional recycling container should call the DPW at (201) 330-2080.

Hours of operation: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Wood chips, leaf mulch and firewood are available to residents, free of charge, while available.

Commercial establishments may NOT dispose of waste paper products with regular garbage. The following materials are collected: junk mail, white paper, copy paper, ledger paper, envelopes, magazines, waste paper and paperback catalogs. DO NOT include paper cups, paper plates, napkins, carbon paper, telephone books, plastic wrap, food wrap or plastic bags. CORRUGATED CARDBOARD Corrugated cardboard is also collected from businesses by prearrangement with the DPW. Cardboard should be flattened and tied with string in bundles approximately 3 ft. X 3 ft. X 1 ft. thick. DO NOT include plastic or wax coated boxes, food boxes or gift boxes. Please make certain that all cardboard is free of food waste and other debris before placing at the curb. Waste paper and corrugated cardboard are collected from businesses every WEDNESDAY. Pickup must be scheduled in advance with the DPW. Call (201) 220-2080.
Happy Hanukkah
From Community Management, Posted 11-29-2021
We wish our residents celebrating the Festival of Lights a very Happy Hanukkah.
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