Riverside Court is a unique gated community of 212 three-story luxury homes in Secaucus on a bend in the Hackensack River just minutes from Midtown Manhattan. The 15.2-acre Riverside Court site is just north of Route 3, immediately off the Meadowlands Parkway exit, and within view of the turnpike overpass.

The complex was contructed by Baker Residential from 2004 to 2007. It features a riverside pool and cabana, with a river walk along the Hackensack river. There is a public boat ramp nearby, and you can take canoe and kayak tours of the river and the Meadowlands marshes.

The exterior of the attached three-story town house buildings is modeled after classic 19th-century brownstones, with bay windows, arched entryways, Juliet balconies and French doors.

The Meadowlands sports complex, with Giants Stadium and the Izod Center, is just across the Hackensack River. Work has begun on open acres around the arena to build American Dream, a major entertainment-retail-office complex that could enliven the entire Meadowlands area economically.

Community Announcements
Community Planting After Construction
From Community Management, Posted 06-23-2020
As you are aware, the construction work in the community has had an effect on the plantings in front of some residences. After construction is complete, feel free to replace any plantings that were damaged during construction. Below is the list of approved plant material.
Trees: Red Maple, River Birth, Green Ash, O'Kame Cherry, Douglas Fir, Green/Norway Spruce, White Pine
Shrubs Blue Holly, Boxwood, Burning Bush Euoymus, Little Princess Spirea, Japanese Holly, Inkberry, Viburnum (Double File), Blue Rug Juniper, Red Twig Dogwood, Sand CHerry, Arborvitae, Ornamental Grasses, Bayberry, Barberry
Perennials Daylily, Blue Salvia, Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan, Liriope, Cone Flower, Hostas, Catmint

Please note: All plantings are at the owner's expense. If you choose to wait until the construction project completion, next year, the association will be making a decision about replacing some of the plantings.

The association's landscaper is willing to do the plantings for you. Contact them for pricing.

Open Meeting Reminder
From Community Management, Posted 06-22-2020
Please be reminded there will be an open meeting of the Riverside Board of Directors this Wednesday @ 7pm. The meeting will be conducted via the ZOOM Conference App. The agenda is as follows:
  1. Finalize 2020 Election
  2. Construction Project Update
  3. 2020 Pool Closure
  4. Q&A
2020 Pool Closure
From Community Management, Posted 06-15-2020
As you are aware, we are embroiled in a battle against a health threatening pandemic, which has placed normalcy on hold for the past several months. While many facets of normal life are slowly returning - the struggle to reconcile what is and is not right regarding opening the pool is very real. But in the end, one concern, the most important concern, is the health and safety of our residents and guests. To that end, the Board has made the difficult decision to keep the pool closed for the 2020 season. The decision was the product of the Board and Management consulting with pool professionals, insurance companies and local health departments throughout New Jersey and our neighboring communities, as well as a review of state and federal guidelines and data provided by the CDC. In light of the information currently known about COVID-19, as well as Governor Murphy's response thereto, the Association Board of Directors agonizingly decided that it was in the best interests of our residents, guests, and staff to keep the pool closed this season.
Construction Parking Reminder
From Community Management, Posted 06-07-2020
Dear Riverside Neighbor: Please be reminded, starting tomorrow, unless your unit has been deemed “under construction”, you are prohibited from parking along Riverside Drive. Any vehicle parked illegally along Riverside Drive will be towed at the vehicle owners expense. Please be guided accordingly. If you are a landlord, please be sure to pass this very important information along to your tenant(s). I thank you in anticipation of your compliance.
Rules & Regulations - Basketball Hoops
From Community Management, Posted 06-01-2020
While I fully understand we are embroiled in difficult times and the "stay at home" order is exceptionally difficult, especially for the children within the community. However, the Association simply cannot relax certain rules when it comes to common elements. The true issue surrounds the safety of our residents and how certain activities can and will have a detrimental effect on the Association's insurance premiums. With that said, please be reminded of the following:

  • No Ball playing or placement of any ball playing equipment is allowed on the Association’s Common Elements, including, but not limited to the roadways, sidewalks, unit driveways, pool and pool area.

  • Violation of this Policy will result in the unit owner’s account being fined $25.00 per violation occurrence. Each week, or seven (7) calendar days, a portable Basketball Hoop device is placed on the Association’s roadways, sidewalks, unit driveways, and/or on any other Common Element, will be considered a separate offense.

It should also be noted, the Association reserves the right to remove any item, which has the ability to create an unsafe environment at the owner's expense. Again, I completely understand the recent increase in the erection of these devices, but the liability to you and your neighbors is simply to great for their allowance.

With any luck, we will be able resume normal activities and this will all be behind us. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!
Community Property Violations
From Community Management, Posted 05-19-2020
We understand these are difficult times and creative ways are necessary to occupy ourselves. It has come to our attention that some residents are using common property as part of this solution. Unfortunately, it is a violation to erect anything on common ground without prior approval from the Board. Furthermore, anything on common property without prior approval, is subject to removal by the Association at the homeowner's expense.

Please keep the governing documents in mind when seeking creative ways to occupy the residents of your household.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter,
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More dogs disappear July 4-5 than on any other days of the year. Fireworks that have been popping since the pandemic began make it worse.
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Gov. Phil Murphy took another step to reopen the economy before the 4th of July weekend,
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