Riverside Court is a unique gated community of 212 three-story luxury homes in Secaucus on a bend in the Hackensack River just minutes from Midtown Manhattan. The 15.2-acre Riverside Court site is just north of Route 3, immediately off the Meadowlands Parkway exit, and within view of the turnpike overpass.

The complex was contructed by Baker Residential from 2004 to 2007. It features a riverside pool and cabana, with a river walk along the Hackensack river. There is a public boat ramp nearby, and you can take canoe and kayak tours of the river and the Meadowlands marshes.

The exterior of the attached three-story town house buildings is modeled after classic 19th-century brownstones, with bay windows, arched entryways, Juliet balconies and French doors.

The Meadowlands sports complex, with Giants Stadium and the Izod Center, is just across the Hackensack River. Work has begun on open acres around the arena to build American Dream, a major entertainment-retail-office complex that could enliven the entire Meadowlands area economically.

Community Announcements
Pool Opens today at 11:00am
From Community Management, Posted 07-05-2021
At least Preferred Pool was able to staff us for today. As such, the pool will open today at 11am and will close this evening at 7pm.
Pool Company Issues (Preferred Pool)
From Community Management, Posted 07-04-2021
I regret to inform you that our pool company, Preferred Pool, is unable to staff us with even a gate guard, which is required under NJ Department of Health guidelines. As such, our pool cannot open today. I have been battling with them for days regarding these issues and I was assured they could cover it — unfortunately, that was a lie. After this weekend, it is my plan to replace this underperforming “professional” pool management company. My hope is to have better success with the next company in-line.
Pool Closed Today, July 3, 2021
From Community Management, Posted 07-03-2021
Due to inclement weather and dropping temps, the pool will be closed today. The pool company is keeping a close eye on the weather as well as temps over the next 24-hours. We will keep you posted regarding tomorrow’s opening.
Pool Closed Today 7/02/2021
From Community Management, Posted 07-02-2021
Due to inclement weather, the pool will be closed for the remainder of the day. The pool will reopen tomorrow at 11am.
Pool Opening Update
From Community Management, Posted 06-29-2021
Please be advised of the following timeline regarding the pool opening:
•  Today & Tomorrow & Thursday: Pool Company and Cleaning Company will set and clean pool furniture and power wash pool deck
•  Tomorrow: Secaucus Building Department conducts the electrical inspection
•  Thursday at 11am: Health Inspections completed
•  Friday at 11am: Pool opens (contingent upon passing electrical & health)

Note: Capacity restrictions have been lifted, which means guests are again allowed. However, unvaccinated residents and guests should wear a face mask when not in the pool. Social distancing is still recommended for anyone who has not been vaccinated. Residents and adult guests will be required to provide identification to the gate attendant for the purposes of contact tracing.
Board of Directors Nominations
From Community Management, Posted 06-21-2021
All interested and qualified Unit Owners who would like to serve on the Board of Directors should submit their notification of candidacy as directed below.

Eligibility Requirements:
All candidates for a Board position in the 2021 Election must meet the following eligibility requirements. Owner must be a member in good standing; current on all maintenance fees, special assessments, late fees, attorneys’ fees, and any other charge legally assessed by Riverside Court, or will be by Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

Biography Submission:
Each candidate may submit a one-page, 8½” x 11”, candidate profile information sheet describing themselves, their experience, and their reason for running for the Board of Directors. Riverside Court will include each Candidate’s Profile Sheet with its notice of the election that is mailed to each Member. The Candidate Profile MUST be submitted to Riverside Court by no later than Wednesday, July 14, 2021 for it to be included in the mailing to the Members.

The official nomination form and required affidavit have been mailed/emailed and is to be returned before Wednesday, July 14, 2021.
Keep Your Children Safe!
From Community Management, Posted 06-16-2021
While we are all happy to be able to safely get out and enjoy the common areas of the community, allowing children to play in the street is hazardous to their safety. Many children have been riding bikes, playing ball, drawing with chalk and many other fun activities that are hazardous to their safety since they are in the street. The streets are primarily for vehicles, drivers do not expect to see a child playing (or laying down) in the street. Consequently, the driver may have a problem avoiding your child. Please supervise your children; and explain the importance of staying to the side of the street or better yet playing somewhere off the street. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Pest Control Spray Rescheduled
From Community Management, Posted 06-03-2021
The power sprays scheduled for today have been re-scheduled for June 24, 2021. There is a rain date scheduled for June 25, 2021. Please have all personal items such as toys, lawn furniture etc. off the patio, deck areas and grass areas up to eight feet around the perimeter of the building. The material being used for this treatment is Talstar P. Once the material is dry approximately 2-4 hours it is safe to walk on for animals and humans.
Pest Control | Power Spray
From Community Management, Posted 05-28-2021
On June 3rd, 2021 Accurate Pest Control, Inc. will be performing exterior power sprays to all the buildings for the control of general insects. There is a rain date scheduled for June 7th, 2021. Please have all personal items such as toys, lawn furniture etc. off the patio, deck areas and grass areas up to eight feet around the perimeter of the building. The material being used for this treatment is Talstar P. Once the material is dry approximately 2-4 hours it is safe to walk on for animals and humans.
Latest News Headlines
From Patch, Posted 07-27-2021
A Cambridge, Massachusetts teen was charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl he met online after they traveled to a NJ motel.
From Patch, Posted 07-27-2021
“I’m begging you, please, get vaccinated," Governor Phil Murphy said.
From Patch, Posted 07-27-2021
​​In addition to ranking the best hospitals in the nation, new rankings from U.S. News highlight the best hospitals by region and specialty.
From Patch, Posted 07-27-2021
The woman is the 13th victim of gun violence in the city, according to Mayor Steven Fulop.
From Patch, Posted 07-26-2021
All employees must be vaccinated by Oct. 15. 'Non-compliance will result in separation from the organization,' warned the hospital system.
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